Vacuum Bottle Filler With 4 Filling Heads | For Various Liquids

Vacuum Bottle Filler

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Vacuum Bottle Filler

Vacuum bottle filler is designed to fill different liquids into glass bottles with various sizes. The filling machine works by creating vacuum inside.
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    Vacuum bottle filler fills various liquids into glass bottles (sizes 0,2 L to 1,5 L). The biggest advantage of this machine is that it’s perfect for filling various liquids, including high viscosity products, such as tomato juice, oil, soap, etc. Vacuum bottle filler uses the vacuum to pump the liquid and fill it into bottles. This provides a hygienic filling process because liquid does not have any touch with any pumps or mechanic details. Filling is done by simply placing the filling hose to any type of tank or container.

    During the work process, operator inserts the bottle into the filling head which then automatically starts filling liquid into the bottle. When the desired liquid level is reached, machine stops the filling process. Liquid level in the bottle is adjusted by setting the filling nozzle. Vacuum bottle filler has 4 filling heads.

    Capacity – up to 400 bottles per hour

    • Perfect for various liquids, especially viscous liquids like tomato juice, oil, soap, chemicals, etc.
    • Suitable for hot and cold filling.
    • The bottle filler is completely made of stainless steel.
    • Vacuum mechanism provides a strong stream as well as easy and effective work.
    • Vacuum bottle filler has adjustable nozzles which control the liquid level in the bottle.
    • Filling is done by simply placing the filling hose to any type of tank or container.
    • Machine is easy to use, clean and maintain.
    • Machine has 4 filling heads.

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